2010 - present

2010 - present


初認識古物美的 Emiliana從此眼界大開,並對之愛不惜手。她開始捐窿捐罅四出尋寶、留意拍賣成交、鑽研不同舊時裝配件的設計師和品牌、找出各種物件在各個時代生產的不同、以及學會分辨新舊物料的差別。她還能輕易分辨出哪些是真品、膺品或仿製品。經過十年的收藏,EMILIANA為她的朋友和所有喜歡優雅氣質的人在這裡分享她的藏品。









EMILIANA is not only a little tribute to Western art history, but also shares her passion on collection fashion accessories in the past 10 years. Every piece of her collection is one of its kind, and many of them are designer or branded pieces. Emiliana believes everyone can own a piece of antique and it is the wearer, which may be you, who turns them fashionable again.


Hong-Kong born Emiliana is a passionate woman. She loves arts, music, family, friends, food, travel, designs and beauty. She loves watching old movies, browsing old posters, graphic designs, advertisements and fashion magazines. For her, objects made before the Seventies have a sense of unspeakable beauty that intrigues her.


One day Emiliana visited the house of a local collector with a tremendous collection of vintage jewelry and antique fashion accessories, where she found her first piece of vintage jewelry – something that is no longer common nowadays – a pair of faux pearl sweater clips. She was amazed by the unique aura that antiques carry – the fine craftsmanship which has been lost in mass production, the materials which are no longer produced, the detailed designs, and most importantly, the sense of elegance that may have become 'old fashioned' in the modern fashion dictionary.


Pieces from the old times opened Emiliana’s eyes to a new world of treasures, and since then she has been hooked on vintage. She started to collect vintage accessories from here and there. She began to watch auction prices, study different designers and labels of vintage fashion objects. She traced the subtle differences of objects made in different periods, recognized the look of old materials and compared to those with the new. She beams at being able to single out the originals, differentiate the fakes and identify the reproductions. After 10 years of collecting, Emiliana is pleased to share her collection and knowledge of antiques and vintage fashion accessories with her friends and everyone who adore timeless beauty and elegance.


With this website, EMILIANA wishes to build a wonderland of antique and vintage fashion items circa 1900s to 1960s. Here you can find good quality and condition vintage jewelry, handbags, compacts and other fashion accessories, each carefully hand picked from around the world.


Prices of many rare antique and vintage accessories in good condition are now getting higher and higher. Some dealers and collectors do not buy to sell, but to keep as an investment. EMILIANA aims to provide expertise and quality items, sharing the joy of collecting and wearing timeless pieces.







多年前的某一天,她到訪本地一個收藏家的寓所;那裡有數量龐大、質數甚高的時裝配件。那天她買下她第一件古董人造首飾、一對現在已很少見、把外套兩邊領子相連起來的仿珠夾子。她為古董所有的氛圍感到十分驚嘆 — 那些在大量生產中已被淘汰的精巧工藝、那些不復生產的物料、那些細緻的設計⋯⋯而最重要的,是那陣現在可能被視為老土的優雅神韻!




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