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I adore Emily's collection, not only they are such eye candies, there are also so much to learn behind each masterpiece. The dangling earrings I got are gorgeous in photos, and stunning in hand. May I also mention that Emily is so helpful, and it's a delight to see her handwritten details card for each jewellery.

Amazing collection! Her jewelry looks even more beautiful in real life. You can tell how passionate she is by her after sales service, knowledge and quaint packaging. Can't wait to purchase more gems (literally) from Emiliana!

追隨Emiliana是個無底深潭。因為當你以為買了很美的一/幾對,數天後,你又在她的IG發現更美的很多對。。我是心甘命抵的「以有涯隨無涯」。 =)

EMILIANA totally changed my approach in dressing myself. Her jewels made me feel beautiful. The key is feel. I had no idea putting an earring that I love can help me feel womanly.

nice bracelet with good condition , quick mailing service with good quality packing. i am happy knowing Emiliana.

I bought one brooch first. Her service was superb. The product is in excellent condition, so very unique and refined. Emiliana was meticulous. She provided details of the product for my reference. I was so happy with my first purchase that I bought a second piece shortly after. She has improved in her packaging (though I found the previous one very good already by my standard). She is a perfectionist and aims at providing the best service to her customers. I am very happy and will definitely buy again.

Love the product very very much! Product is in very good condition, good packaging, quality service. My necklace has great vintage details and I will definitely keep buying from Emiliana =]

la coleccion es de mucho refinamiento y elegancia donde lo glamoroso de una epoca pasada convive con la mujer actual y de eso se trata la mirada aguda de su creadora

The Collection from Emiliana Vintage are exquisite and in good condition, it is enjoyable to view all those beautiful accessories and i also got some nice pieces from Emiliana Vintage, definitely will keep an eye on her web page and activities.

Products are in very good condition. Would definitely shop again and recommend to others as well :)

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