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My favourite store, selling high quality vintage jeweleries. Love it.. thx

Products are exquisite and unique.  Though vintage, they are in very nice conditions.  Also, good services from store owner!

I was introduced to Emilianas site while buying a thoughtful gift for my fitness coach and friend. The quality of the jewelry is impeccable and furthermore the client service was fantastic! I had a very short time to receive the selected piece in order to gift it to my friend. Emiliana sensed my urgency and hand delivered the next day!!


I've been following Emiliana on IG for quite a time. Always love those tastefully captured photos. Nowadays I think we only have limited supply of tasteful clip back earrings, due to the painless ear piercing technology (?) as a person very afraid of pain and thus without ear piercings, those lovely vintage ear clips from 50~60s I got at very reasonable prices from Emiliana simply reassured to me that I should and must continue to check out her IG! I'm sure I'll be using this 10% discount soon, very soon!

I have gotten the necklace on next day after I paid by bank. It's beautiful!!! The packaging is fanatic too and I love the sealing wax. This is my first time accessing vintage jewelry and they are fabulous!

This is my very first time buying vintage jewelry and I did it online without seeing the real thing with Emiliana. I asked a lot of questions and Emiliana replied me patiently in details. Thank you very much! I think I will purchase soon, never have enough of her beautiful collection!


Love the suit case very much. Travel around the world with the lovely suitcase :) Thanks <3

The 1960s gold plated brass wedding rings necklace, bracelet and earrings set is simply beautiful and look like they are brand new. Thank you Emiliana for sharing your beautiful collection with us. :)

第一次透過網絡購物,懷著緊張而期待的心情接觸店主,發現她是位熱情有耐性有內涵的漂亮女士,經過幾番掙扎挑選了三對耳環,她的貨品件件都很精美,真讓人為難。精緻美麗的耳環我天天都戴著,謝謝你Emiliana, 相信我們很快又見面了。

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